Anger management counselling is available to individuals and couples. Anger is often considered to be a negative emotion which can be damaging and harmful if allowed expression. Whilst anger can contribute to the use of aggressive and destructive behaviours it is important to remember that anger is a normal emotion that may be constructive enabling us to deal with conflict and problems is a safe manner.

 Common issues and themes associated with anger management which Interact Counselling Services can assist you with include:


  Learning the difference between constructive expressions of anger and when expressions of anger become damaging, dangerous, frightening and unsafe.
  How to use anger constructively and safely to aid in the resolution of problems.
  Exploring how our learnings from family, school, the workplace, movies and the media may influence the ways we use anger.
  Teaching strategies and skills in defusing potentially explosive situations.
  Teaching strategies and skills in assertive behaviour in place of aggressive behaviours.