At times it comes over me like a wave. I don't know where it comes from but I feel intensely sad.
If asked what's wrong, I can't find an answer - I'm confused about things like "Who am I?",
"What am I doing with my life?", "Why aren't I happy?". I store these thoughts inside
and get few answers. Sometimes I can pinpoint sadness to a recent incident or feeling of
loss, other times it's a mystery, but it seems to paralyse me when it happens.
Is this normal? Is there any hope?
It is quite common to have feelings of sadness from time to time. These feelings are usually connected to sad
events and losses in people's lives. Intense sadness can be linked to hidden losses sometimes from the past
or be associated with some level of depression and anxiety about events and life. Talking with an
experienced counsellor can be useful in feeling understood and listened to as well as finding answers and
making sense of sadness and its sources. This can lead to an opportunity for a person to learn effective ways
of managing and coping with problems whether they are losses, relationship tensions or issues of feeling