At times I get so stressed and anxious about doing normal things. Things like
going places and mixing with people. Things that I used to find OK but now seem
too hard. When this happens, I start to panic, get frightened and lose all
condifence in myself. It is easier then to avoid doing these things or not go to
places I usually would or should. I'm embarrased to tell others about this and
keep it to myself, but then I sometimes feel I must be going mad or something.
Can someone help me with this?
Counsellors at Interact will listen to you and believe how distressing it is for you. They can also
help you to understand your stress and anxieties and where they come from. They can then
assist you to find ways of managing your anxiety and rebuilding your confidence in a step by step
process so that you can feel less fearful and re-engage with activities and the people you want to.