I always knew that my partner wasn't a really talky person, but we st ill enjoyed lots of t imes talking about things we liked and did together, but over t ime it has seemed to dry up. It 's like we have developed our own separate interests. For me, I really need to find someone who I can talk to and be listened to. Although we spend a lot of t ime together, I feel very lonely inside. I don't even know what my partner feels most of the t ime because we don't talk!
Loneliness and the desperate need to communicate to another close friend or partner is a very real dilemma when people stop talking. Counselling can help couples to understand how their communication pattrn has changed over time. This can also pinpoint any areas of discontent, hidden resentment or a loss of interest in each other that may have formed the problems which need to be resolved. Talking comes naturally to some and less so to others. At the beginning of relationships, passion and newness often encourages talking even with "non talkers". However, when relationships settle down, talking is a function that has to be practiced regularly to maintain connections to keep relationships, interests and feelings alive. Counselling can assist
couples to rediscover and develop the art of talking and listening.